Global Health and Relationships

The Global Health and Relationships department is responsible for exploring the issues that shape the Liberian population health and build the knowledge and skills necessary to address them.

The goal is to raise awareness within Liberia and around the world of what the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) has to offer in terms of preventing and improving services as it relates to disease prevention and control.

Our Goals

  • Establish collaborative partnerships with national public health institutes (NPHIs), health organizations and stakeholders worldwide to promote health research, information sharing, and technical expertise.

  • Provide guidance to health-related organizations, private and public foundations, etc. in the development of public health studies, programs, strategies and services.

  • Assess public health issues, manage resolutions, and coordinate responses.

  • Evaluate the implementation of public health programs.

  • Knowledge reservoir for other NPHIs, new health and health-related research and innovative technology.